What is RESPOND?

RESPOND worship team retreat is a two day get-a-way for worship leaders and worship ministry teams in Missouri. Respond is unique in that it's not only geared toward the "staffed" worship leader, but the servant volunteer, as well. We strive to provide quality biblical teaching, leadership training, and God-honoring worship at a very affordable price in order that you and your entire team can join us as we respond!

RESPOND Worship Retreat exists to serve worship teams:

 - Inspire worship ministries for greater effectiveness

 - Instruct teams in worship skills

 - Ignite a community of worship teams

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On Stage

Josh serves as the Creative Arts Minister at College Heights Christian Church in Joplin, MO, and has been leading worship for 18 years. He is a graduate of Ozark Christian College and has a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship from Portland Seminary. His motivation for ministry is to see people become like the God they worship. Married for 14 years to his wife, Andrea, God has richly blessed them with four children, Madison, Micah, Isaiah, and Eden.




Weekend Pastor

Worship Leader

Corey and his wife, Leah, have been married since 2000. They have four children (Ethan, Kaylee, Kasen and Caleb). He and Leah helped plant a church in Chanute, KS in 1999. In 2003, they moved to Springfield, MO to serve with Northside Christian Church as the Worship Minister. They love to work on their home together, enjoying projects around the house and in the garden. He also loves watching animated movies…with the kids, of course. He has a passion to help people pray. He loves leading worship, preaching and playing guitar. He is an amateur barista and collects vinyl records as a hobby.

Respond - February 5-6

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