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Production Workshop | Craig Davenport

We will be going over the soundcheck process. How to set up the soundboard before soundcheck, working with a band, the process of line checking each channel and building the mix.

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Effective Rehearsal Practices for the Whole Team | Josh Huckabay

Effective Rehearsal Practices for the Whole Team - Part 1: Sound Checks and Working with your Tech Crew


This year's Respond worship team will conduct a live sound check and rehearsal in the worship center, demonstrating effective and efficient ways to bring cooperation and communication between your on-stage and off-stage teams. 


Effective Rehearsal Practices for the Whole Team - Part 2: Arranging and Rehearsing Songs and Transitions 


This year's Respond worship team will conduct a live rehearsal with special attention given to song rehearsal techniques, arrangements, and service transitions. 


Digital Discipleship | Jeremiah Jones

Every month, more than 30,000 people search Google for “church online.” If someone happened to stumble upon your church from a similar search, what would they find? Does what you are producing exist to reel people into the four walls of your building, or are you fostering intentional community in these digital spaces? In our consumerist society, how do we move from maintaining a junk food diet of content, to providing nourishing substance for the soul? In this workshop, we will address all of these questions and more - observing some great practices for substance creation - as we seek to make disciples digitally.


Songwriting (Individually and Collectively) | Grace Funderburgh

This workshop will not only cover some basic principles and "how to's" of songwriting for you and your church but will also provide much needed perspective on writing collectively as a community. How do you write for the NEW SONG of your church? How do you write in safe spaces and for the process not just the end goal? Why write and where do our stories/voices fit in with it all? What are some different forms and ways of writing a song? In this workshop we will tackle some of the vision and practical side of facilitating group songwriting times as well as how to open up space for your own healing and story through songwriting. 


Learning to Practice Silence and Solitude | Matt Stafford

Silence and solitude have never been easy to come by. They must be chosen. In Psalm 62 David writes, “my soul waits in silence for God alone”. What is clear is that David finds rest and strength for his soul in the waiting. We must train ourselves to do the same in a world that is constantly screaming for the attention and affection of our souls. In this session we’ll learn the value of listening to God and we’ll practice techniques for finding rest solely in Him.

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