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What is RESPOND?

RESPOND worship team retreat is a two day get-a-way for worship leaders and worship ministry teams in Missouri. Respond is unique in that it's not only geared toward the "staffed" worship leader, but the servant volunteer, as well. We strive to provide quality biblical teaching, leadership training, and God-honoring worship at a very affordable price in order that you and your entire team can join us as we respond!

RESPOND Worship Retreat exists to serve worship teams:

 - Inspire worship ministries for greater effectiveness

 - Instruct teams in worship skills

 - Ignite a community of worship teams

RW Logo 1.png
About the event

2023 Theme:

Prayer: The Language of Worship

It may be common for our first thought regarding the topic of worship to usually gravitate toward musical expression.  God has given us music and the creative arts as a wonderful vehicle for worship, but is it possible that there are Biblical expressions of worship that may be even older, deeper, and richer than the creative arts?  At the Respond Worship Retreat, Dinelle Frankland and Matt Stafford will lead us through the ways that prayer serves as the language of worship. If you want to grow to be a better worshiper of Jesus, come to this year’s retreat!


Retreat Leaders

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Dinelle Frankland

Matt Stafford

Worship Leader
Creighton Tamerius

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